Hole in your business life?

By joining the Jersey 7:45 Breakfast Club you sign up to a network of like-minded, positive, proactive people who want to find new ways of promoting their business and sharing their experience.

With a total membership of over 100, the 7:45 Breakfast Club  meets once a month at the Pomme D'Or Hotel for breakfast, conversation, networking  and to hear other members give a 2 minute speech about their business or some other topic they want to share.

Check the 2020 meeting dates.

The Club has a policy of admitting only one member per occupation, ensuring diversity and avoiding conflicts. Occasionaly some over-lap is inevitable but we endeauvour to keep this to a minimum.  However, anyone can join the 7:45 Breakfast Club as long as their occupation is not too duplicated.

Joining couldn't be simpler. Why not give it a try. What's to lose?