7:45 Breakfast Club

Andy Barnes takes up Ecuador cycle challenge!

Club member Andy Barnes is off to Ecuador to raise money for Jersey Hospice Care.
The challenge takes place in November and the challenge is to cycle from dense tropical rainforest, over the Andes and down into the steaming jungle and banana plantations of the Pacific coast. Cyclists will travel through every type of landscape and through most weather conditions. In the jungle it is humid and hot with occasional downpours and high up in the Andes it can be cloudy and cold. On the Pacific coast it is hot and very humid. This is a tough challenge. Participants will have to tackle the heat in the jungle, the cold in the mountains and the huge climbs through the Andes and of course the altitude.
Andy would like to thank everyone who kindly donated on Thursday at the joint Breakfast Club. For those of you still wishing to donate you can download an application form below which can accompany a donation and be sent to the following address: Uplands, La Grande Route De Rozel, St Martin, JE3 6AP. Please write your name and address on the form.
Should you wish to donate over £100 as an individual or £250 as a company please complete the tax exemption form below and send this with your donation.
All cheques should be made payable to Jersey Hospice.
Thank you all for your support, it is truly appreciated!
Andy Barnes