7:45 Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Ball achieves “Top Party Status” from Club members

Saturday 22nd May saw the Breakfast Club “Think Twice Ball” taking place at The Royal Yacht. What an event!!!! With music from live band “Take This” and DJ Ross Donaldson, breakfast clubbers danced into the early hours. The evening kicked off with a champagne reception (thanks to Dunells for their help here) and then during the meal Royston entertained us in his usual inimitable way (what a showman he is!!). Head Chef Steve Walker pulled out all the stops and produced a fantastic locally sourced menu which included our very own “Breakfast Club Beancrock”.

We raised £1000 on the raffle for Jersey Women's Refuge (possibly due to the fact that the lovely Karine Davide was selling the raffle tickets, not Steve Luce!) and everyone was delighted when our superhardworking secretary Beth won the first prize of a trip to Paris (with kind thanks to Bontours). Thanks too, to all those who contributed prizes. You also helped to make the night the great success that it was.

Our eagerly awaited “Members of the Year” trophies were also presented, and the deserving recipients were as follows; For all their fantastic help with IT and the our new wizzy website over the last year Dan Hare (7:45) and Dave Barton (7:47) were awarded their respective trophies.

For their great enthusiasm and effort in organising the Breakfast Club golfing events that are so much enjoyed by all members, Paul Raphael and Justin Crow were jointly given the 7:46 award.

Many club members contributed to making sure that this year’s Ball was (to quote many people) “the best party for a long time”, but Beth needs a special mention for all her efforts in making sure all eventualities were covered. The only thing she failed to organise was the hangover cures that so many of us needed on the Sunday morning! The ewaves were just full of people who’d had a great time, but were suffering from enormous headaches................let’s get in practice for next year!!
Some comments from guests since the event:
¨Huge thanks to our hosts at Webreality for a fantastic evening! A good old knees up was had by all & great to even see Dave up on the dancefloor! ¨

¨Very impressed with service at The Yacht last night for the ball. Very slick & exceptionally well managed. Some of best we've experienced! ¨

¨It was a great night and I really enjoyed it. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said the same. Best party in ages.¨

¨It truly was an excellent night. Best party I've been to in ages. Well done to everyone involved!¨

¨Very many thanks, great evening and great company!¨

¨I think it did the Breakfast Club brand a world of good as it was very professionally presented.¨

¨Thanks for a brilliant night last night. One of the best parties we've been to in ages!¨

¨It was a great night and I really enjoyed it. We've heard nothing but great feedback.¨

¨What a great night!"