7:45 Breakfast Club

First aid group gives 70th device

Jersey's St John Ambulance has given out its 70th defibrillator device for use in the local community. The 745 Breakfast Club purchased the unit which will be located at the Pomme d'Or Hotel (the venue of the clubs monthly meetings).
There are a total of 10 club members that will be trained to use the new machine including Rod Bryans, Claire Saville, Tracey Turmel and Dave Barton.

The machines administer an electric shock to resuscitate people who have had a heart attack.

The defibrillator programme was started in the island by rugby player Kyran Bracken in 2001.

St John Ambulance has trained people to use the machines, which are found in offices, shops, hotels, fitness centres and other locations across the island.

Nigel Truscott, from the organisation, said although there were a number of defibrillators in the island, the charity still wanted the network to grow.
Article published by the BBC on the 14th February 2009