7:45 Breakfast Club

Gallery Rally Car attends 745 meeting!

The joint meeting on the 11th June was attended by an unusual guest - a rally car!
David Barton of Webreality bought the car along to the meeting to talk to members about a fund raising initiative with the support of the Breakfast Club, Airtel-Vodafone, Adkins Snoring AidDoodacky and Signtech.
On the 26th June David and his collegue Tom Witherington will be embarking on the annual Gallery Rally in aid of Jersey Hospice Care. David Barton say's:

"We decided to take part this year after months of working on the Hospice website, which Webreality donate to Jersey Hospice. We were so impressed by the amazing fund raising work that so many people do for Hospice that we thought it was time we did something ourselves. Jersey Hospice is an amazing charity that has touched the lives of thousands of Jersey people.

So here's the Webreality Mini, covered with adverts for our generous corporate sponsors, who collectively donated £1800 to Hospice in return for exposure on the car.

Since then we've raised an additional £1350 through shaking buckets in the precinct last week when it was summer, and an additional £100 from an anonymous donor.
On 20 June we're taking the Mini into Checkers at Red Houses with the kind permission of Sandpiper to shake buckets and persuade shoppers to part with their spare change.
We're at £3250 and want to top £6000 for Hospice by the time we come back from Barcelona. £6000 funds Jersey Hospice Care for a day.

You can follow our progress during the rally on our special blog  as well as following our video posts here on the Doodacky Gallery Rally Channel"