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Jersey Fish Festival 2010

Island businesses are being invited to enter teams in the Jersey Fish Festival Man-Powered Flight Competition which takes place at the Victoria Pier on Saturday 17 July.

Competitors are required to form a team of up to four members (one pilot, who must be aged at least aged 18 years and be able to swim, and three pushers. They are required to build their own flying machines on a theme of their choice to see who can travel the furthest when pushed off the Victoria Pier. Prizes will be awarded for distance and originality of design with the more outrageous and ingenious the better.

The festival takes place on Saturday 17 July on the Victoria Pier starting at 10 am and culminating with a spectacular fireworks display at 10.30 pm. The flying competition will take place between 11 am and 12.30 pm. Teams will be judged on three criteria: distance, creativity and showmanship and what constitutes a flying machine is down to the imagination of those taking part. However, they must be entirely human-powered, self-constructed, colourful, made of environmentally-friendly materials and able to float so they and the pilots can be quickly retrieved by safety crews in the water and on land.

Every precaution will be taken and the tightest safety procedures implemented as instructed by the Island’s health and safety authority.

For information on how to enter the Jersey Fish Festival Man-Powered Flight competition go to www.jerseyfishfestival.com
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