7:45 Breakfast Club

The 7.45 Breakfast Club is calling for islanders to shop locally for Christmas presents this year

What do you think about when doing your Christmas shopping? Quality, price, quirkiness? Or maybe you take my approach and just grab what you can to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Well people in Jersey are being urged not to take that approach this year and think twice - buy local.

Shops in Jersey are being offered the chance to show their localness in their shop window with big stickers being given out by the business networking group the 7.45 Breakfast Club.

As well as the shops, Jersey's Christmas shoppers are also being urged to support local businesses.

The 7.45 Breakfast Club is giving out shop window stickers with the slogan Think Twice Buy Local.

The co-founder of the club, Rod Bryans explained why this is important.

He told us: "People are always looking for different ways to buy Christmas presents and predominantly people are going to turn to the web to some degree this time.

"What we've got to be focusing on is keeping money on the island, flowing around the island and the best way to do that is to look around those local retailers who are suffering to some extent and give them your money."

However it isn't just about local produce that this campaign is supporting, but local businesses - even if the things they sell are imported.

Rod said: "What we're simply doing is saying to retailers look we've got these stickers, we've had about 200 printed if you want to come and talk to us, if you want one of them just come and talk to us.

"It's about people who have local employees, companies that are Jersey retailers who simply want to identify themselves against the monopolies you see on the high street."