Name: Peter Langdon
Position: Managing Director
Company: Adapt Design
Sector: Advertising
Telephone: 01534 731144
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Since 1997 Adapt Design and Advertising has quietly developed into a highly respectable agency through original thinking that delivers proven results, backed by a prompt personal service. These traits are the reason we gain so much work by referral.

Through listening, discussing and learning we provide passionately creative solutions via a common sense approach. The more we know about our clients the more we understand how to attract their target markets.

There are many paths to achieving profit making results, and one of the most important aspects in marketing your business successfully is to know what doesn't work. How will you know if your budget is performing to its full potential if you don't try something different? Don't follow your competition, make them follow you.

We are the creative launch pad for our clients and it is our mission to make sure they go to places they never thought possible. After all if they didn't, we wouldn't be doing our job.

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