7:45 Breakfast Club

Success Stories

If you have a story you would like featured here about your experiences of the 7.45 Breakfast Club, please send full details to breakfastclub@webreality.co.uk
'Often you hear stories of how a  chance meeting or conversation has changed somebody's life - and the premise seems slightly absurd. In my case though it just happens to be true. Had I not joined the 7:45 Breakfast Club , I may never have met Rod Bryans. Had I not met Rod, I may never have heard from him  the story of how another member, Steve Luce, had seized an opportunity as a result of a chance conversation. The day after Rod told me that story, I had a chat with someone that sparked an idea. That idea eventually led to me changing my career direction and taking on a new challenge.

That's the great thing about the Breakfast Club. You meet great people, possibly do some business with them, get some new ideas and just maybe........ change your life!'

Robert Mackenzie - 745 Breakfast Club